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Wes See was started by the owners, André and Johnny in 1989 after the two of us had been diving for diamonds off the west coast of the RSA for a combined total of 22 years.

Working with the inferior equipment available to the industry at that time and because both of us were artisans, we ended up always being the guys doing repairs and modifications. The marine diamond industry on our west coast is dependent on favourable weather conditions leaving divers with a lot of idle time on their hands. During these periods we started repairing other operators' machinery and running to sea when conditions allowed mining operations.

This formed the basis on which we built Wes See and by the early 90's we were working Wes See fulltime. We have also spent time on clients' mining sites on rivers in Angola and the Congo .

The knowledge obtained from our experiences is being put to good use when designing our own range of diamond mining equipment.

Today both of us are still active on the shop floor, maintaining our standard of quality and being available to solve our clients' problems by determining what would best suit their particular needs.


As far as we know, we are the only manufacturer of our range of machinery that also specialise on a large scale in repairs to and refurbishing of this mining equipment required mainly due to rust and wear.

Because we are no longer actively involved in mining, this particular service that we render serves a vital purpose it keeps us current with the changing requirements of the industry and allows us to determine where there may be components that fail prematurely which we then address by adapting our designs.

To date we have supplied equipment to clients in the RSA, Namibia , Angola , the Congo , Central African Republic , Ivory Coast , Sierra Leone , Tanzania and Brazil . We've also supplied pump units to clients in the Comores and West Indies doing dredging work.


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