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Gravel Pumps
A range of centrifugal gravel pumps are on offer: 4" (100mm); 6" (150mm); 8" (200mm); & 10" (250mm) We cannot lay claim to these pumps' basic design but, have definitely adapted the original pumps with crucial design modifications which resulted in a highly efficient pump that requires less KW to drive.

A very important requirement for especially the marine mining operators, is the ability of the pump to work effectively with long suction hoses (up to 200m) without cavitation and to be able to strip away sand overburden without blocking the suction hoses (sausage).

Our design goes a long way in solving these

An optional y-piece is available and very popular.
Mounted on the suction plate it allows the use of two suction hoses and mining heads
(nozzles) simultaneously which, in turn, doubles the pump's delivery capacity.

Motive power Petrol Diesel Electric Hydraulic Tractor




Priming System
The centrifugal gravel pump is not self priming and therefore requires a priming system to scavenge the air from the hose (above the waterline) and pump casing before starting the pump.

Various priming systems are available:
1. Hand operated pump - has components with limited life -     cheap but slow and not popular
2. Venturi type - no moving parts, poly carbonate     construction, lasts for ever - requires compressed air
3. Mechanical suction pump - scavenges very quickly - a     must when long lengths of suction hoses are above the     water - popular with the beach operations

The pump delivers very large quantities of water (the transport medium) and a mixture of sand, gravel and rocks (and hopefully diamonds) thru it's delivery hose to the classifier where the water, sand, oversize gravel and rocks are screened off, leaving the fractions of gravel from which the diamonds are extracted.

The classifier can be mounted on a single axle which is easily removable to leave it on a sturdy skid. On it's axle it can be towed by a light delivery vehicle

Motive power: Single cylinder petrol or diesel engine, electric motor (geared) or hydraulic motor

Classifier ...
Diving Compressor
A range of sizes of compressors and air receivers are offered.

The client's requirements are determined and an adequately sized unit is supplied. A recognized filter system for breathing air and airline is incorporated in this surface supply system.

Motive power: The compressor can be v-belt driven from the pump engine or have it's own dedicated single cylinder petrol or diesel engine, electric motor or hydraulic motor.

Diving Compressor ...

Diving Compressor 2...

Diamond Jig
This is the final recovery equipment used to sort your diamonds from the screened gravel of the small to medium sized operation.

There are two types of jigs:

Plietz jig
Requires the gravel to be pre-sorted in fractions that vary no more than 4-5mm in size
Effective with gravel size up to 16mm
Robustly constructed - popular with operators using sea water

Bushman jig
Does not require pre-sorted gravel
Effective with gravel size up to 12mm
Lighter construction than the Plietz - not ideal when using sea water or run of the mine quantities
Larger fractions are now easily hand sorted

Motive power: Single cylinder petrol or diesel engine, electric motor (geared) or hydraulic motor

Plietz Jig...

Bushman Jig...

Mining Raft
Various mining rafts are supplied with different options such as waterproof canopy and outboard engines:

5 x 6m wooden work platform on two or three inflatable pontoons.
The pontoons all have three separate compartments and wear resistant strips on the bottom. The barge is very easily assembled and disassembled for ease of transporting it.

7 x 9m steel barge with it's components so designed that they fit into three 6m containers with enough space left
to normally pack the rest of the mining equipment into the same three containers.

Mining Raft ...

Mining Raft packed...

Packing and Shipping
Equipment can be crated and/or containerised

All the relevant suction, delivery, flexi and airline hoses

All the relevant quick release couplings

All the different sizes of mining heads

A comprehensive spares kit is compiled which includes all the consumables required for 3 months

Diving Gear
We can supply all diving gear required for diamond diving

Camping Kit
We can supply all camping kit - tanks, tents, toilets - we can get it for you

Shipping ...

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