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Due to our experience in this industry of small to medium sized mining operations of mining diamondiferous gravel from under water, be it marine or riverine, we are capable of giving a prospective miner good advice.

This is free of charge - so feel free to contact us!
We have a fully equipped workshop with experienced personnel.
Contact us with any problem or worn out piece of equipment. I'm confident we will sort you out in no time.

We have an industrial shotblasting plant with which we clean rusted steelwork and prepare surfaces to SA 2.5 standard for paint systems such as high zinc coatings and etch primers.
From time to time we obtain used equipment.
These we re-build to a condition as close to new as possible.

If it's not possible to re-build to our standard - we walk away - our name is to important to us.
If you run up against a particular problem or, perhaps you have an idea about a money- or time saving device and you do not have the time or capacity to do something about it - bring it to us - let's brainstorm it together and see if we can make your idea work for you.

Although we have a tried and tested range of equipment that we manufacture, we listen to our client's specific requests and customize our equipment to suit their needs.
Hydraulic Drives
We have designed a simple hydraulic drive system and have a large number of installations running for many years now.

The design is simple - the components and installation is of the highest quality. If you wish to convert your drive system to hydraulics - give us a call.

We will utilize one of your existing engines or supply a separate auxiliary engine to drive the hydraulic pump

An optional motive power when mining with a barge, is the pump engine which is used to drive a hydraulic pump which, in turn, is used to drive the hydraulic motors for the classifier and compressor


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